Not Waving releases short film for new album, ‘How To Leave Your Body’

Image still from film by Michael Amstad and Marte Eknæs

Not Waving‘s latest album How To Leave Your Body has been interpreted into a short film by Berlin artists Michael Amstad and Marte Eknæs. Amstad and Eknæs are known for their multimedia film projects and are frequent collaborators with the Italian DJ and producer, having produced two of his previous music videos. 

For How To Leave your Body, the duo present a 20 minute short film set to five tracks from the album. Largely composed of footage taken during lockdown, the film is a cinéma vérité collage of snapshots that focalise the album’s themes of loss, companionship and spirituality into a surreal visual experience. The hyperrealism of documentary-like sequences is juxtaposed with the ethereal, such as footage of Not Waving doing DIY projects interspersed with sequences of neon coloured 3D animated hammers. The film also features a recreation of a giallo horror film set against the spectral Never Ready, with the track’s featured artist Spivak appearing dressed as a ghost. The film is released via Fact magazine.

Released earlier this month, How To Leave Your Body sees Not Waving experiment with skewed pop melodies and nostalgic ambient tones across 11 tracks on an album which moves through melancholic synthpop to dreamy, reflective trance. Read our review of the lead single Hold On featuring Marie Davidson here

How To Leave Your Body is released via ECSTATIC records and is available here. You can watch the film below:



Never Ready (feat. Spivak)

My Sway (feat. Jonnine)

Define Normal

My Best Is Good Enough

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