Premiere: Stelios Vassiloudis – ‘End Transmission’

Athens’s Stelios Vassiloudis is by all accounts a musical triple threat. A composer, producer and DJ,  Vassiloudis has been creating electronic music since the early 2000s, and over the decades he has cultivated his own style of downtempo and ambient that reflects his rich and diverse musical skillset.   


 Image: Alexander Petsavas


Taken from his upcoming album All Else Fails, due on March 25 via Balance Music, End Transmission was the first track on the album to be completed and serves as its lead single. While isolating in his studio during the pandemic, Vassiloudis encountered a 64-bar loop of ambient drones and harmonic washes while exploring mountains of previously unreleased projects, in search of something different.

While what he found felt ‘generic’ on face value, Vassiloudis made deliberate adjustments to time signatures and the phrasing of his patterns, embracing the magical unpredictability of recording live instruments. The result is a rapturous and immersive soundscape, brimming with a light sense of optimism and bursting with the colours of finding beauty in the ordinary.


Listen below, and pre-order All Else Fails here




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