A new age of trip-hop courtesy of Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin on their “Sea Sons” EP

Image credit: Li Zhang

The Sea Sons EP is just an example of what two artists from opposite ends of the musical spectrum can achieve by collaborating. Thomas Blondet is a respected electronic producer and DJ from Washington DC. While Steven Rubin is a rising improvisational producer from New Jersey who experiments with a wide range of genres. Steven Rubin makes it his life mission to explore “as many musical opportunities as possible”, which explains his move to DC.

Sea Sons is now available for purchase as a NFT

Being an instrumental EP, it sets the mood for its listeners to create their own atmospheres by exploring these instrumental, downtempo and chill-out sounds. These are guaranteed to bring some well-needed peace and joy into our lives during these tough times.

Thomas Blondet tells us about the inspiration behind the album: “Sea Sons, to me, is an ode to Eighteenth Street Lounge. This is something I would play at ESL to get the dance floor going.”

In an exclusive interview with The Playground, the eccentric duo shared some words of wisdom for our readers, “With age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom.  Every aspect of how we create music continues to be honed and refined.  We are continually learning new things.”

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By Sarah Britton