Enter the smokey soundscapes of Kruder & Dorfmeister with ‘Johnson’ music video

The scene: a smokey stage. Slowly, the smoke clears, revealing the renowned trip-hop duo Kruder & Dorfmeister with their latest work of art, ‘Johnson’. The single, accompanied by a music video, reveals the barest hint of what’s to come in their upcoming album, 1995 which will be available on the 30th of October via G-Stone Recordings. The lead dancer in the music, Lima Pecher, embodies the best of “K&D time”, presenting the hypnotic experience that ensures none can resist the temptation of dancing to the music.

Speaking of the music video with one voice, Oscar Pecher and Stefan Pecher tell us: “When we heard the track for the first time, pictures immediately came into our minds. The cinematic, atmospherically dense sound, supported by emotional vocal samples, reduced breakbeats and deep basslines gave us a lot of visual input. Someplace that has stood still in time, the dark corridors, the mysterious musical mood that fits the current time, combined with a young, sensitive leading actress whose sluggish movements increasingly develop towards dance as the track progresses.

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