Legendary Trip-hop producer Wax Tailor provides provative album

   Image Credit: Ronan Siri

What better way to mark the turbulent times, than the release of a highly revealing album, by Wax Tailor? Shadow Of Their Suns, officially released today Lab’oratoire, takes no prisoners with its brutal portrayal of modern society.

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While singles such as ‘Keep It Movin ft. D Smoke’ (a rebellious anthem in times of need), ‘Misery ft Rosemary Standley’ (a melancholic dystopian masterpiece) and ‘Just A Candle ft. Mark Lanegan’ (a small futuristic ray of hope) have all caught the public’s attention already, we turned our ears towards the newer sounds. Deceased Gil Scott-Heron’s deeply depressing intonation in ‘Paint It Black’ left our ears ringings and the message eating away at our hearts before, far too quickly, we were moved on to ‘Dust To Dust ft. Yugen Blakrok’. The South African rapper manages to set a soothing syncopation against a disturbing soundscape of distorted tones, luring us into the depths of darkness as we blissfully accept our fate, lulled into submission after the thought-provoking previous song.

Finally, to round it off, listeners are given ‘The Light’, almost in an offhand way, as if an afterthought. The single was released over a year before the album (in 2019) and while sonically, it is an uplifting tone to end the album on, an unequivocal truth is displayed in the accompanying music video. Released over a year ahead of the album in September 2019, no one could have expected the startling imagery of a child wearing a gas mask to become such a normalised sight. Catch Wax Tailor’s latest music video for ‘Just A Candle ft. Mark Lanegan’ below – perhaps it too will provide a few more glimpses into the future:

Fans will also be treated to and a vinyl listening session with a Youtube premiere at 6PM CET tonight.


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By Sarah Britton

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