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DJ Vakula’s Sexist EP Artwork: Misogyny and Dance Music

Sexism in the music industry is nothing new, especially when it comes to women navigating the electronic music scene. Like with any other genre, female creators are often taken less seriously than their male counterparts – and this is especially prevalent in dance music; where women are treated as though

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Over 2000 people have signed a petition to remove Giegling DJ Konstantin from three parties during Amsterdam Dance Event, in light of an interview last year with German publication Groove Magazine, in which Konstantin was quoted as making a slew of sexist comments. In the article,

Famed music equipment company TC Electronic is in hot water for a blatant and sickening display of sexism. Collaborating with the band Steel Panther, TC Electronic created a guitar effect pedal entitled ‘Pussy Melter‘, with a description by Steel Panther member Sachel, claiming: “that the tone be as wet as

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