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Pop Music & Politics: Superficial or Self Expression?

Words by Jenna Dreisenstock For years, the conversation regarding depth, thoughtfulness and philosophies surrounding various genres have raged against one another: with (mostly) fans of ‘alternative’ music in the never-ending debate over whether pop music, or perhaps more aptly ‘mainstream’ radio music – has any meaningful ideologies whatsoever, and whether

By Jenna Dreisenstock They say first impressions are everything, and although in television and film we get a taste of what to expect through a trailer – nothing beats the feel of an opening title sequence or official theme song, which can make or break our initial perceptions as we

The influence of those with immense fame is unbelievable in the face of our modern civilisation; the ways in which major stars can change the perceptions and ideas of the general public ties back in to many articles I’ve written before regarding how those in the public eye, in the

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock An inevitable part of life; the end of it. The loss of someone’s presence, their tangible existence within this world – a feeling so heartbreaking it is felt on a universal level, unfortunately relatable to all. Loss presents itself in many ways; whether that be family

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock ‘To define is to limit.’ Once said by the ever-flamboyant Oscar Wilde in his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray: Wilde’s character Lord Henry wove into the the sweet-blonde curled Dorian, that allowing ourselves to fall victim to the ever defining boxes of society, in which

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