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Q+A: Five minutes with DJ Lag and Novelist

When South African gqom pioneer DJ Lag set out on his extensive and ongoing Alpha Zulu world tour, he promised that he’d also be using the trek to collaborate and release music with the artists he might meet along the way. “I want to blend genres and create new sounds

Grimes has admitted to being the one responsible for hacking popular indie pop culture and satire blog Hipster Runoff nearly a decade ago. In 2012, the blog infamously went down, with owner and founder Carles reporting that his “server disk has crashed and remote backups were sabotaged,” believing foul play

There’s lots of new material expected from Grimes in the coming week. The Canadian alt-pop star has released the cover art for long anticipated and much teased single, Shinigami Eyes which is due to drop on January 26th via popular video game Rocket League. The single, which follows Player Of

Photo by Eli Russell Linnetz Avant-pop star Grimes took to social media last week to reveal details about her forthcoming album. The sixth LP from the Canadian singer and producer is shaping up to be a high concept cyber pop opera about a queer AI looking for love. In a

Grimes (ft. Various Artists) | Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) | 4AD Release Date: January 1st, 2021 On February 21st 2020, Canadian musician and now pop-sensation icon Claire Boucher, otherwise known under her moniker Grimes, released her now critically acclaimed album ‘Miss Anthropocene‘. An ode to a supernatural being created by

Grimes | Miss Anthropocene | 4AD Release Date: 21 February, 2020 I,Poet of destruction,Hereby declare that Global Warming is good.–So, you humans have carved your existence into the earth,Lest you be forgotten.Why lament?–Be who you are, embrace your demise,For you are the architect of it.–How smart you are, to eradicate

Grimes | 4ÆM (single) | Miss Anthropocene | 4AD Release Date: 19 December, 2019 A celestial, obscure darkness has always sculpted the radiant aesthetic of cyber pop-songstress Grimes; her extraterrestrial sound boasting a luminous dive into science-fiction and fantasy. The artist’s unique conceptual approach is best described as ‘ethereal’ –

Feature Image: Grimes by Craig McDean Art-pop songstress, artist and producer Grimes has grown exponentially as an icon in the music world over the past few years, her unique aesthetic and alluring, experimental genre-defiance standing out as one of the most prominent forces in contemporary electronic music. Appearing with her

By Jenna Dreisenstock Feature Image: L’Impératrice: (full credits in video link) In the music world January is renowned for starting off relatively slow with releases, yet increasing in momentum as the month progress – and goodness, this month the momentum has been staggering! All types of new and upcoming releases

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…it’s a new year! To kick off 2019, we’ve compiled a list of but a few favourite music videos that certainly fit the category of ear and eye-candy! Prepare to click repeat as you’re captured by both aesthetic, and the fantastic tracks with a

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