Roundup, June #3

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.



The Chemical Brothers – Live Again

The Chemical Brothers really want to make you dance again. The latest single to be shared from their anticipated upcoming album is the truly epic Live Again. A French touch and acid anthem, Live Again’s bittersweet melodies and constantly building sonic theatrics make for something that feels grand and triumphant. 


Charli XCX – Speed Drive

Made for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film, which is proving to be quite the pop culture event, Charli XCX’s contribution to the film’s soundtrack is short and sweet. Interpolating Hey Mikky and singing atop a racing one-two step beat, Speed Drive sounds most like True Romance era Charli XCX, a nostalgic little synthpop bop. 


Kim Petras – Claws

Sitting toward the end of her much delayed and malady stricken debut album Feed The Beast, Claws is one of the strongest songs to arrive in Kim Petras’ catalog to date. An ominous dark pop track that takes its cues from trance and progressive house, Claws is a look into Petras’ real potential as a dance music / pop crossover artist, with a truly wicked hook to boot. 


Slayyyter – Out Of Time

On her latest single, alt-pop artist Slayyyter changes course from her usual hyperpop, bubblegum bass sound toward angular, analog synthpop. Out Of Time is groovy, nostalgic, and washed in shades of 80’s synthwave, an interesting change of pace for the artists even though the sound is a touch too familiar right now.


Olof Dreijer – Rosa Rugosa

Only The Knife’s Olfo Dreijer can create electronic music that feels taken from another place and time. While so much of the genre is concerned with the future and the synthetic, Dreijer’s preoccupation with the ancient and earthly has created his instantly recognisable signature sound. It’s on full display on his latest single, a dancefloor banger that borrows from kuduro and showcases Dreijer’s signature, sylphlike modulated synths.