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Reinhardt Buhr

Q+A: 5 minutes with Reinhardt Buhr

One-man orchestra Reinhardt Buhr is a musician of the moment. What do I mean? Choosing to improvise rather than rely on a prearranged live set, the South African multi-instrumentalist layers his voice with guitar, electric, cello, hangpan drum, and even didgeridoo to create full-bodied, realistic, and evocative compositions out of

Time and experience shape ambitious young musicians into established professionals. This remains true for today’s guest, a German producer by the name of Parra for Cuva. Having grown from roots in Classical piano and Jazz, two technically-challenging disciplines in and of themselves, Nicolas strives to master the nuances of his

Originating from a known region of cultural innovation, DJ Pierre is a contributor to the development of the arts in Chicago, USA. That is to say, he is one of the godfathers of the Acid House genre. Prohibition aside, the American DJ helped define the genre through his participation in

Let’s introduce Terrasoul, a House / Electronic producer and DJ from Cape Town, South Africa. Having performed at some of the Motherland’s most recognised music festivals like Rocking The Daisies, Oppikoppi, and CTEMF, Kaelem Fakier is entrenched in the local dance music scene, having previously showcased his ability during a

Having coined the term ethnic-electronica, producer Deep Forest uses music to bottle the regional tones of cultures from around the globe. With an ear for a diverse range of tones, he has distilled cultural music in projects like Deep Brasil, Deep Africa, and Deep India, wherein he summarises his musical

Between the 10th and 12th of March in 2023, synaesthetic producer, teacher, and innovator Robert Babicz will be performing live at the TIMELESS Festival. Hosted by THE PLAYGROUND, the 3-day event will see the Polish producer take to the stage to showcase his signature fusion of colour-rich, cutting-edge electronic music

With THE PLAYGROUND launching its first music festival in South Africa in early 2023, DJ duo Pascal & Pearce prepare to grace the stage of TIMELESS Festival. Native to the country, the duo is a joining of names: Pascal Ellinas and Dave Pearce are two creatives who describe their music as

One thing is certain: South African singer-songwriter Yoav has shown himself to be a maverick in the Electronic music market. Getting his start right after high school, the musician signed with a record label before travelling to New York City where he developed his signature guitar-playing style.  Using the body

Many artists capture emotions in their music, but few are able to invent new ones. Born Pablo Piña Hernandez, Mexican electronic music producer and founder of the Akumandra record label, Sainte Vie is one of the rare musicians who can. His otherworldly bass riffs hit home with serious force. His

A pioneer in the House and Techno space in Africa, homegrown DJ Dino Moran prepares to perform where it all began. In 2023, Dino will take to the decks to give the audience a musical experience that he perfected through 25 years of delivering set after set of dance-ready house

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