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20 Must-Listen Luminous Wave Tracks From 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock Wave is an ever-dynamic genre; the ways in which this relatively unrecognised style has the ability to create starlight atmospheric soundscapes, an encapsulating and enchanting submerge for all listeners alike is ever-loving. Whilst progressing in an often melancholic, yet comforting thoughtfulness – Wave artists deserve more recognition,

By Jenna Dreisenstock The genre that is experimental music is in constant evolution; a label that can be both instantly recognisable as well as completely and utterly abstract and unable to define. The truest definition of dialectics, as we are constantly re-evaluating the definition for what experimental music truly is;

Curated by Arnold van der Walt & Maya-Rose Torrao This year we’ve curated the perfect playlist for your upcoming Halloween party. Using only the freshest tracks from 2018, we have put together (in no particular order) an eclectic mix of tunes that all have a dark and eerie edge. Lose

By Jenna Dreisenstock A lost-wanderer within the Synthwave world; the neon bright aesthetic, retro-nostalgia at every turn and a rabbit hole of synthesiser effects one wouldn’t believe are even possible. Synthwave is a genre that often flies under the radar despite it’s compelling and creative nature; an underbelly of pixel

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