20 songs from 2018 that are perfect for the spookiest Halloween

Curated by Arnold van der Walt & Maya-Rose Torrao

This year we’ve curated the perfect playlist for your upcoming Halloween party. Using only the freshest tracks from 2018, we have put together (in no particular order) an eclectic mix of tunes that all have a dark and eerie edge. Lose yourself in the spooky sounds of The Prodigy, Thom Yorke, REZZ and more…

1. ‘Monster’ – Sorsari

Darkwave at it’s finest, which some creep-tastic vocal samples.

2. ‘Monday Hunt’ Carpenter Brut

An aggressive and gory track that’ll bring out your inner demon.

3. ‘Light Up The Sky’The Prodigy

A massive track with ferocious guitars and all the signature Prodigy darkness.

4. ‘Halloween Theme’John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter Daniel Davies

From the brand new upcoming ‘Halloween’ film, a cinematic track with a racing heartbeat and spooky piano lines.

5. ‘Catch Your Breath’Verasect

Wave that’ll give you shivers down your spine.

6. ‘Life & Death’REZZ x Deathpact

Bass-heavy and glitchy, here’s a spooky one that’s also a great dance-floor filler.

7. ‘Has Ended’Thom Yorke

Taken from the upcoming ‘Suspiria’ horror film, this one is a downtempo, eerie crooner.

8. ‘Heaven Only Knows’Bob Moses

A haunting electronic-indie tune that’s both danceable and dark.

9. ‘Silent’KIDSØ

Eerie synth and piano with hypnotise you in this techno track.

10. ‘Nightmare’ SWARM

Spooky wave that’ll have your pulse racing.

11. ‘Run The City’Anja Schneider

Schneider brings us a deep dark techno number perfect for late-night trick or treat-ing.

12. ‘A Dark Cloud Is Coming’Moby

Classic Moby style, with added dark mysteriousness.

13. ‘last instinct’juche

A wave number with hard-hitting beats and a dark mood.

14. ‘October’Felsmann + Tiley

Instrumental synth to give you that horror film soundtrack feel.

15. ‘Territory’ Daniel Deluxe

Retro-synth sounds from Daniel Deluxe that’ll make you feel like you’re right in an 80’s horror flick.

16. ‘T69 Collapse’ – Aphex Twin

Experimental beats provided by iconic Aphex Twin that’ll be sure to make you get goosebumps.

17. ‘Ghost In My Bed’ZHU

An epic dance-floor banger that will have you checking over your shoulder for all kinds of ghouls and ghosts.

18. ‘Tin Can Tomb (Wmx Remix)’GRYPT

An eerie wave number with grimey industrial undertones.

19. ‘Rooms’ TGC

Electropop that’s equal parts spooky and sexy.


Suspenseful darkwave with deep bass-filled beats.

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