20 Must-Listen Luminous Wave Tracks From 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Wave is an ever-dynamic genre; the ways in which this relatively unrecognised style has the ability to create starlight atmospheric soundscapes, an encapsulating and enchanting submerge for all listeners alike is ever-loving. Whilst progressing in an often melancholic, yet comforting thoughtfulness – Wave artists deserve more recognition, with their ability to create such seemingly personal beauty.

We have put together a list of but a few of our favourite Wave tracks of 2018, in the hopes to bring these artists further exposure and allow you, the readers and listeners to explore this beautiful world.

Here are 20 spellbinding Wave tracks that we have been loving throughout the year:

Nastya Kazantseva – ‘A Sleeping Life

Spoken Bird – ‘Tell Me

lostageless – ‘Nocturnal

Beau – ‘Mourn

Spaceouters – ‘Dead Inside

Vesky – ‘Living With Ghosts

Oscuro – ‘Breathe

Sorsari – ‘Monster

Fyze – ‘Wanderer


Naski & Shimi – ‘Blackstar

barnacle boi – ‘overcome…

Hiatus – ‘Relic

Nu:Gravity – ‘Until Dawn

BlauDisS – ‘Cannot Be Undone

enjoii x juche – ‘forever again

Verasect –  ‘Catch Your Breath‘ (Øfdream Remix)


Pholo – ‘B0y

What are some of your favourite Wave tracks that have been on your radar in 2018? Let us know!

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