15 Refreshingly Addictive Experimental Albums of 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

The genre that is experimental music is in constant evolution; a label that can be both instantly recognisable as well as completely and utterly abstract and unable to define. The truest definition of dialectics, as we are constantly re-evaluating the definition for what experimental music truly is; is rather fitting to the literal definition of the word. Essentially, the genre that is experimental is when one is unable define what the genre of the album is, yet at the same time – because one is unable to define that genre, it is instantly labelled as experimental. Which is somewhat hilarious, actually when I word as such.

Anyway, regardless of our personal definitions of what experimental music is, we have put together a list of experimental albums from 2018 that have made us reflect on what exactly the genre can encompass. We have mentioned some fantastic experimental artists in previous lists, so we have made sure to focus on those we have possibly missed out on that definitely deserve your attention.

Here are 15 enchanting experimental must-listen releases from 2018:

altopalo – ‘frozenthere

September 12th | Samedi Records

Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘The Station‘ (EP)

July 27th | Warp Records

Julia Holter – ‘Aviary

October 26th | Domino Recording Co Ltd

Tim Hecker – ‘Konoyo

September 28th | Kranky

Shigeto – ‘Weighted‘ (EP)

28th September | Ghostly International

Trevor Something – ‘ULTRAPARANOIA

12th October | In Your Brain LLC

Daedelus – ‘Taut


Lori Scacco – ‘Desire Loop

July 6th | PLANCHA

Dorian Concept  – ‘Nature of Imitation

August 3rd | Brainfeeder

CECILIA – ‘Adoration

May 4th | Halcyon Veil

ouri – ‘We Share Our Blood‘ (EP)

September 28th | Ghostly International

Binkbeats – ‘Private Matter Previously Unavailable Pt.2

January 19th | Self Release

Efrim Manuel Manuk – ‘Pissing Stars

February 2nd | Constellation Records

Jlin – ‘Autobiography‘ (Music from Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography)

September 28th | Planet Mu

Puce Mary – ‘The Drought

October 5th | PAN

Hope you enjoyed our list!

What have been some of your favourite experimental albums from 2018 so far?

Let us know in the comments below!

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