15 Luminous Synthwave Albums of 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

A lost-wanderer within the Synthwave world; the neon bright aesthetic, retro-nostalgia at every turn and a rabbit hole of synthesiser effects one wouldn’t believe are even possible. Synthwave is a genre that often flies under the radar despite it’s compelling and creative nature; an underbelly of pixel art and retro graphics with science-fiction splendour, synthwave releases can be ever so elusive if one doesn’t know where to look.

So, with that being said – we’ve decided to put together a list of top 15 of our favourite album releases from this year to fulfil all your Synthwave needs!

Here is a list of just a few of shimmering vivid synthwave releases from 2018:


September 30th | Self Release

Dinosaur On Fire – ‘Populous Romantique

October 12th | Ghost Diamond

Lucy In Disguise – ‘Unknown Frequency

March 2nd | Innerworks Records

Neon Unicorn – ‘Pleasure Gate

June 22nd | Retro Spectrum Collective

Timecop1983 – ‘Night Drive = ナイトドライブ

May 4th | Self Release

GUNSHIP – ‘Dark All Day

October 5th | Horsie In The Hedge

DANCE WITH THE DEAD – ‘Loved to Death

August 14th | Self Release

7DD9 – ‘@ the beach(EP)

July 12th | DDM

2DCAT – ‘Carnivàle

October 15th | Self Release

Vampire Step-Dad – ‘Songs To Haunt A House To

October 1st | Self Release

Let Em Riot – ‘The Futurist

February 9th | NewRetroWave Records

boycalledcrow | ‘HYPERLIGHT

September 7th | Hairs aBlazin’

Gudang – ‘Nostalgi Gaius

April 13th | Windows96

The Midnight – ‘Kids

September 21st | Self Release

bl00dwave – ‘EGO

January 25th | Bedlam Tapes

What have been your favourite synthwave releases of 2018 so far?

Let us know as usual!

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