Synthposium: What’s on our radar

We’re a few days away from Synthposium – an interactive audio, art and technology festival in Moscow, Russia. Ascertaining from a large pool of featured artists, we decided to shine the spotlight on a few names that stick out to us. These are the one’s to watch out for:

London Modular Alliance

UK-based collective London Modular Alliance, Simon Lynch, Gavin Pykerman, Phil Ventre

are a three piece of synthesizer-crazed producers that explore all possible avenues of synthesizer modulation and improvised live-electronic performance. In addition to the live aspect, London Modular also sell their own carefully constructed synth units to the public via their own store, as well as hosting their own workshops around Britain. From laser lit clubs to hushed halls, their live performances are nothing short of mesmerizing and intriguing.

Richard Devine

Atlanta-based experimental electronic musician and producer Richard Devine is most notably recognized for combining elements of glitch, synth and sound design into modern styled dance music to create a totally unique blend of electronica. Though he has contributed sound design to a number of hardware and software manufacturers, he also holds credits for various commercials and other media outlets. Devine also has a vast knowledge of coding and producing his own applications for real-time audio synthesis. For a roller-coaster of emotion and a lesson on authentic sound experimentation, we would recommend you see his next performance and experience it all for yourself.

Throwing Shade, aka Nabihah Iqbal, is a London based electronic artist, DJ and radio host. To date, she has released a number of EPs, singles and collaborations encompassing her distinct, yet spirited sound. Iqbal combines elements of synth-pop and ambient music into her own fresh class of electronica to form something entirely of her own. As well as producing her own work, Throwing Shade is also the presenter of a bi-weekly show on NTS Radio, where she shares her own musical findings from all over the world, hoping to introduce her listeners to a whole plethora of untapped sound. When the opportunity arises, watch her live performance this year.

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