Premiere: Blanco Decazador – Rw #2


Blanco Decazador is the solo project of Spanish born, Galician-based artist Iván Blanco. His proposal deforms, superimposes and contorts layers and layers of samples through a complex process, generating hypnotic landscapes that bend and rotate like diffused memories. Blanco‘s music, conceived as a film without an image, narrates and develops with structures reminiscent of cinematographic and classical music.


This is clearly evident in ‘Rw #2‘, which is rife with various sonic soundscapes and ambient drones. Emitting a gentle and calm radiance, it’s a beautifully contemplative song with subtle yet definitive motifs, as Decazador seeks to impart his emotions and experiences onto the listener through his sonic wizardry. Released on the 20th October, the track is sure to engulf listeners in a highly meditative auditory experience.


Blanco Decazador had this to say: “Reworks takes place in a continuum of 47 minutes divided into four parts of saturated sound and low light, where a story is outlined between textures, drones, sequences and melodies. The union of sounds from different sources and a style similar to a film soundtrack, marks this absorbing electronic fog that transports and traps.”

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