SOPHIE’s birth of venus in ‘Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’

SOPHIEOil of Every Pearls Un-Insides | Future Classic / MSMSMSM

Release date: 15 June 2018

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock

Drenched syrup-swirl; a hallucinatory richness screams The Birth of Venus, the reveal and a shimmering pearl curling in picturesque shine in a nude pop-layered, mermaid-sweetened melody. A dreamlike playfulness in dance and twirl melodrama soak us in the douse of glitter foam; a glimmer open in vulnerability and a tender display of the self and how to push boundaries within the world of pop, dance and an introspective experimentation as the lips of a shining, sweetened clam open in a kiss; SOPHIE’s Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides allows intimacy of her saccharine-pop to shine through, whilst simultaneously breaking the boundaries of her eclectic sound and auditory experimentation.

Know for her electric whirl within her willingness to break from the norm whilst still embracing the sound in which she holds dear; the ever elusive producer and singer-songwriter Sophie Xeon, known by her stage name SOPHIE: Scottish-born and now Los Angeles based, SOPHIE has allowed listeners into her sparkling world in Oil of Every Pearls Un-Insides, her debut album which has left a dazzling impression on audiences.

‘Artificial bloom

Hydroponic skin

Chemical release

Synthesize the real

Plastic surgery

Social dialect

Positive results

Documents of life’

Opening in SOPHIE’s velveteen allure, a syrupy, glow-tender-glitter vocal line introduces us to ‘Faceshopping’. The grit of experimental dance plays curiously within a harsh industrial candy, scarlett candy-cane; each lick and swirl a break through the decadent centre with carmine stained lips – an accidental bite in artificial sweetness in avant-glitch as ‘Faceshopping’ is driven with a confident bassline, the shock of crack on the teeth and the release of sour gumdrop kiss; synth swells in peaking of peculiarity, baked texture in a jarring love of hit-brass percussion. ‘Faceshopping’ tackles the inherent artificiality of society in recurring theme and presentation, ambience and SOPHIE’s soprano siren song fluttering in a genre-break, early 2000’s R&B-esque tender in percussive honey-clash.

(Video Epilepsy Warning)

A bubble-pop sphere of sound encompasses ‘Infatuation’ as SOPHIE’s auto-tune soprano greets in childlike wonder, a textural landscape as she builds loving hazy layers into cupcake-icing melancholia, curious fairy-electro sounds sparkle sweetly in introduction; before leading us into a distant, yet bass drenched engulf of spherical wonder as SOPHIE’s vocals harmonize and colour each moment, closed eye immersion in a twilight-sparkle soundscape. Cellophane veneer as each layer of sound progresses as layers of soft-skin, chill to the touch with a heavy key accompaniment as vocal harmonies prominent, choir-angelic in a progressive interwoven sound. The soulful vulnerability of SOPHIE’s brilliant vocal range sings sweet; true to its title evokes a love-song ballad in perpetual soundscape movement in electronic timbre tango.

An immediate follow in further experimentation, ‘Not Okay’, despite being an interlude, brings forth SOPHIE’s ability to experiment with mood and tempo in her ever structure defying style. Opening in a gentle, quiet and slightly eerie ambience, a glitch-jolt sets the tone in textural bliss, as SOPHIE’s sugary vocal-repetition builds a sponge-cake electronica skin as the track evolves in unique swirling blend of avant-garde noise, industrial clash; and an upbeat, animated EDM-esque feel brings a danceable vivid colour to SOPHIE’s ever willingness to immerse herself in new timbre.

A scintillating club-ready effervescence shakes the dancefloor as we are immediately set up with an avant-pop, strobe-light enthusiasm in ‘Immaterial’. A powerfully anthemic, ready-to-party night out within flashing glows and spinning city-lights; the embrace of an uptempo track: twirling friends and strangers amongst the dancefloor, sickeningly sweet colourful cocktails in hand and an out-of-this-world party which one is unable to describe to those who missed out the day-after; Immaterial is another perfect example in which SOPHIE spirals dreamlike, childlike and night-out ready in her unique brand of textural-definition and a rawness in experimentation.

SOPHIE’s playground of distinct personality and vivid sound shines through in stunning moon-beams, as Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides sparks and flutters amongst a genre-defying glittering traverse – a vulnerable, delicate yet still confident and ready-to-take-on-anything nature which weaves in oscillating tempo; intimately accompanying SOPHIE’s red-lip, raw and avant-commercial expression of the Venus birth within experimental loving.

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