Top 20 shimmering Wave cuts of June 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

The month of June has brought us a brilliantly vivid sea-soaked shoreline, with Wave glittering amongst the royal blues, rich purples and flickering stars as city lights doused in atmospheric moonlight. Graced with the likes of tracks such as Øfdream’sProtagonist’, beat-heavy and progressive in it’s rich palette of textural ambience and dynamic tempo and tone, to palence’s introspective melancholia in his tender, intimate reverb-soaked release ‘invar’ and Kavern’s alluring mesmer within his twilight track ‘Raver’ – we have enjoyed a wide release of shimmering Wave cuts which have glittered and painted this June like the glow of the ocean in magenta.

Here are 20 of our personal favourite Wave tracks for the month of June:

Øfdream – ‘Protagonist’

Escapism Refuge – ‘Missing’

Deadcrow – ‘Neon Forest’

KAVERN – ‘Raver’

Monomi – ‘Eternalism’

TomkillsJerry – ‘Crush’

Kareful – ‘As She Cried’ (Fyoomz Remix)

Øfdream – ‘Antagonist’ (feat. Rare0000)

CHVRN – ‘Silver Dream’

palence – ‘invar’

aLone – ‘All For You’

Aetherial & Cosmic Sequence – ‘Lunar Rise’


Ytho – ‘its not you, its me’ [SYNES]

Nevaeh – ‘we’re through’

LXRY – ‘Gemini’

Insomnia – ‘Safe Me’

Outsidr – ‘Distant’

Chromak – ‘Sunshower’

Almost Vanished – ‘Silentium’

The sparkling tide of Wave releases this month has left us in eager anticipation of what will come in the second half of 2018. Salt-water sweetness and Sunday back float in the sweeping hues of cityscape rain and sandgrain stick, leave us constantly in streetlamp flicker and the crashing tides embrace.

Let us know if you enjoyed our top picks – what were your favourite Wave releases of June?

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[Image Credit: Justina Maku Bisset]

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