Moog announces full production model of SUBSEQUENT 37 synthesize

Moog is discontinuing the Sub 37 to make way for a new standard model related to its limited-edition SUBSEQUENT 37 CV.

The North Carolina gear manufacturer earlier this year revealed the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV, a limited-edition, retooled version of its Sub 37 Tribute Edition with an aluminum aesthetic that was made in a run of 2000 units. Now Moog is discontinuing the Sub 37 to make way for the SUBSEQUENT 37, which they describe as their new standard model.

It packs many of the same features as the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV, including double the mixer headroom, modified filters, and upgraded keybed and headphone amplifier, when compared to the Sub 37. The standard model’s lower price point, $1499 instead of $1799 for the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV, comes at a cost of less connectivity: as the difference in name suggests, it lacks the control voltage outputs included in the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV. It also drops the aluminum design, returning to a more familiar appearance with all-wooden sides.

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