Hans Hoyst remixes Soulitaire’s ‘New Breed’

Hans Hoyst has provided a sterling remix of Soulitaire’s recently released single, ‘New Breed’ set to drop on 1st December via Violet Noise Records.

Hans Hoyst’s  rework of Soulitaire’s ‘New Breed’, brings the Austrian musician’s heartfelt resonance to the dancefloor; breathing basslines, sturdy beats drenched in prominence, reversed waves of synthesizer bliss, and arpeggio sequences complete with crushing energies and atmospheres against Rotheneder’s  delicate, silken vocal work.

Stream Hans Hoyst’s remix of Soulitaire’s ‘New Breed’ below –

The Austrian singer-songwriter is a trained jazz guitarist and studied at Gustav Mahler Konservatorium in Vienna. In 2003 he found his place in singing and songwriting, signing to Wohnzimmer Records with his first solo-project Ben Martin. However, he recently took the lead from Austrian artists such as SOHN, LEYYA, HUNGER, and after releasing nine albums with three different bands in ten years, established his new project as a solo artist: Soulitaire.

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