Q&A with Monkey Safari

Get ready for an inside look into the dynamic world of electronic music as we sit down for an exclusive interview with the German DJ duo, Monkey Safari. Brothers Lars and Sven Väth are set to cast their sonic spell at the upcoming Timeless Festival in Cape Town. Join us

Prepare for an immersive journey into the beats and rhythms of electronic music royalty. In an exclusive interview ahead of his highly anticipated performance at the Timeless Festival in Cape Town, we catch up with the legendary John Digweed. Join us for an exclusive interview where we uncover the inspirations

In the heart of the trance universe, Headroom, the sonic wizard from Southern Africa, is set to weave his enchanting beats at the upcoming Timeless Festival in April. With over two decades of crafting his distinctive tech-psy style, Adam Metcalfe’s music is a charismatic blend of soul and psychedelia. In

As the countdown begins for Verax’s debut at the upcoming Timeless Festival in April, we snagged an exclusive interview with Greg to unravel the magic behind the beats. From the rhythmic landscapes that have captivated major South African festivals to his dynamic roles within the Cape Town trance community, Verax

Brace yourselves for an intimate dive into the sonic realm with the mysterious DRANGED, the psychedelic alter ego of Sirajuddin Kadri, gearing up to captivate the audience at the Timeless Festival in April. Known for his avant-garde fusion of groovy progressive basslines and mind-bending psychedelic leads, DRANGED brings a zero-cheese

Today’s guest, TribalNeed, takes us behind the scenes as he prepares for his upcoming set at Timeless Festival this April. In this interview, TribalNeed shares insights into his music journey, discussing why he chose this path and offering a glimpse into his current playlists. Join us for an exclusive conversation

Welcome, music enthusiasts, to an exclusive interview with Nexon, the progressive psytrance virtuoso and alter ego of Dan Scot. Nexon has been a loyal presence in Cape Town’s progressive psy scene since its inception, sharing stages with international icons like Tezla, Blastoyz, Coming Soon, Gonzi, Ranji, Ghost Rider, Morten Granau,

According to new research by Pirate, major UK music festivals are booking fewer new acts each year. Pirate analyzed 32 of the UK’s biggest festivals, excluding Glastonbury, and found that line-ups have become “homogeneous” with popular names recurring. The research shows that in 2016, festivals with over 50,000 capacity had

Performing nearly 100 shows annually, producer Florian Picasso has dropped a festival-ready single titled ‘It’s Alright’, assuring us that everything is copasetic. Gucci. Good. Florian has graced the stages of Tomorrowland or Ultra Miami so surely he knows what keeps a crowd moving. Bring his experience to his production, he

One person died and dozens more were left injured after the main stage at Spain’s Medusa Festival in Valencia collapsed due to unexpected strong winds. Gusts exceeding 82kph caused part of the main stage structure to fall early on Saturday morning, while other festival infrastructure was also damaged. Festival organisers

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