Carl Craig Announces Dates For ‘Versus Synthesizer Ensemble’ Live Tour.

Carl Craig’s fusion of techno and contemporary orchestra has taken yet another step forward with the addition of the ‘Versus Synthesizer Ensemble Live Tour.’

Versus originally came into fruition in 2008, when the acclaimed producer fused his techno masterpieces with the powerful symphonic sound of the ‘Les Siècles’ orchestra of Paris. The performance was the first of it’s kind to combine classical composition electronic dance music and, and featured Moritz von Oswald and the piano prodigy Francesco Tristano. It received five standing ovations and one million online views. ‘Versus’ was released as an eight track EP in March 2017.

According to Craig, “The audience stopped just short of snapping their fingers to the rhythm. Everyone was literally on the verge of dancing, and François-Xavier was getting his first taste of that thrill that DJs get when they are playing for a room. We were like two kids rummaging through a candy shop – I toured him through my universe and he showed me his.”

Now, the ‘Versus Synthesizer Ensemble’ show has been announced, where Craig will be joined on stage by five musicians, together interpreting the music from the album onto a synthesizer wall. The performance is set for dates across Europe and the U.S, kicking off on May 29th at The Movement Festival in Detroit.

Watch the Tour Video below:



‘Versus Synthesizer Ensemble’ Tour Dates:
29.05 Detroit, Movement Festival (US)
17.06 Barcelona, Sonar Festival (Spain)
07.07 Paris, The Peacock Festival (France)
16.07 Dour, Dour Festival (Belgium)
28.07 – Plock Festival, Audioriver (Poland)
19.08 Lowlands Festival (Netherlands)
27.08 London, SW4 (UK)

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