Moby launches record label, shares new song ‘medusa’

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist Moby has launched his own label. The Grammy award winner’s imprint is called always centered at night, and looks to exist as a ‘new kind of label’ in service of the creative process rather than algorithmic success. 

Speaking on what he refers to as the “current, fear-driven, algorithmic-based culture,” Moby explained the vision behind the label. “I talk to my friends who are creatives and it breaks my heart because they don’t trust themselves anymore. It seems like the only criteria is: “Can I sell this to a corporation? Will a corporation pay me to make it? Will I get enough ‘shares’ and ‘likes’?” he said. “I love the idea of building a record label that creates music that’s not for everyone… I’d rather make and put out music that is special to ten people, than ubiquitous to millions.” 

True to Moby’s vision, the all virtual label will release music digitally and aims to attract a small following of dedicated listeners to facilitate a space where artists have creative freedom and the audience can find music by “really discovering it.” 

Speaking on the kinds of artists always centered at night will look to work with, Moby said, “we’re trying to make something unique, and idiosyncratic, and personal and the music and lyrics don’t need to explain themselves. They can be obscure, they can be whatever you want them to be.’”

The announcement of always centered at night came with a new song from Moby in collaboration with producer Aynzil Jones called medusa. Listen to the track below.