Björk – Sorrowful Soil

Björk has released a music video for the song Sorrowful Soil, taken from her latest album Fossora. Directed by Viðar Logi, the video was filmed at the site of the recently erupted volcano Fagradalsfjall. Filmed entirely in an oval frame, Sorrowful Soil sees Björk sing one of the eulogies to her mother that appear on Fossora. Speaking on the song itself, Björk has revealed it was written through sessions of improvisations. “The lyric is an attempt for an eulogy and instead of the dry fact checking : place of birth , job, marriage, I wanted to celebrate the biological data like the fact that most girls are born with 400 eggs … and then in their lifetime they make 2-3 nests,” she said. Björk told Pitchfork that she had selected the site of Fagradalsfjall for the video “because it’s about the mother energy, so the volcano is obviously giving that.” Watch below. 


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