Interview with the talented TTeo, the artist breathing new life into his father’s music from the 70s in his new LP, ‘Lovexpress77’

German-Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer TTeo (Matteo Capreoli) has unveiled a wonderfully warm new LP, Lovexpress77, released on November 24th 2023 via Sonar Kollectiv. His father, Fernando Antonio Capreoli, left Salento in southern Italy for Germany in 1970, where he formed the disco-funk-rock outfit Lovexpress, made up of mainly Italian

Lofi legend coldbrew (Austyn Moffat) has returned on 2023’s Black Friday with a new track, ‘untitled jazz’ featuring faff. The song is the fourth single from his upcoming LP, a 20-track jazz/hip-hop/chill/lofi odyssey titled no time to waste, which drops on December 8th. The Oklahoma-based musician and label owner spends

Released on 10 November, and right off the heels of their nationwide tour popular electronic-dance-rock duo BoomBox delivers Dangerous Waters. Their wildly enjoyable new album perfectly toes the line between “dance” and “lounge.” Founded in 2004 by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux, who tapped Kinsman MacKay in for

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