10 recent music videos that completely blew us away

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock

With the first half of 2018 coming to a close, our auditory journey has been graced by groundbreaking, boundary-pushing hits that have kept fans across the globe captivated by genre-defying sounds and breakthrough releases. Not only have we experienced a surge in fascinating and enthralling sounds, but with the added accompaniment of an incredible visual journey many of these artists have guided us in an interwoven link of narrative, aesthetic as well as personal expression.

During the months of May and June we’ve been treated to more than just an immersive experience in sound, as we have followed the artists through their inevitable progression in  audio-visual delight.

Here are some of the most recent music videos we simply can’t take our eyes off

Alice Glass – ‘Mine’

Alice Glass’ melancholia goth, blood-soaked rose red sweetness keeps us invigorated in the release of her new single, and accompanying music video Mine. An extremely intimate single into Alice’s psyche, the video for Mine details Alice’s journey through her experiences with self harm.

Dirty Projectors – ‘That’s A Lifestyle’ 

Dirty Projectors are back with their newest release, a wonderfully abstract pop-soaked experimentation with their single That’s a Lifestyle. Accompanied in turn by psychedelic, warping line-art in their delightfully odd animated music video – Dirty Projectors new album Lamp Lit Prose will release 13th July via Domino Records.

Max Cooper – ‘Hope’

Tracking Max Cooper’s ambient side; the tenderness of this beautifully stylised, calming sea-soaked tranquility chills with glacial harmony, as Cooper stuns in mesmer with the video for his first single Hope, off his new upcoming album One Hundred Billion Sparks set for release September 20th via Cooper’s own imprint MESH.  

Chromatics – ‘Blue Girl’ 

Dream-soaked, bright love-glow and blue-pop, sings saccharine in vivid aesthetic as Chromatics release their second single Blue Girl taken from their upcoming release Dear Tommy, out later this year (TBA) via Italians Do It Better.

Kygo (feat. Miguel) – ‘Remind Me To Forget’

Prolific norwegian producer Kygo premiered a video for a track lifted from his 2017 LP Kids In Love, sharing an emotional melancholic reflection featuring American producer Miguel. The video stings in heart-string taut darkness, shattered and swirling in a tenderly sorrowful heartbreak eye-candy experience.

Beach House – ‘Black Car’

Bleeding monochrome polaroid in dreamlike mirage, Beach House released the official video for Black Car, a hazy bittersweet track lifted from the recent release of their seventh LP, aptly titled 7.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Hunnybee’

With an official video for their track Hunnybee we are guided on a charming journey through animated splendour, the track singing upbeat and honey-sweet as the smooth, yet eye-catching subtlety in art-style weaves in perfect rhythm to the tender funk.

Arcade Fire – ‘Chemistry’

With a vintage-bliss swing and a Wes Anderson-esque stylistic approach to narrative, the new video for Arcade Fire’s track Chemistry, released from their 2017 album Everything Now – the video mesmerises in innovative brilliance, a charming touch and golden heart.

Lykke Li – ‘Hard Rain’

With cinematography so incredibly heavenly colours sing in angelic choir, Lykke Li guides us through a delicate, raw love story with her video for Hard Rain; stylistically alluring into hypnotic beauty – the video accompanies Hard Rain, lifted from her recent album so sad, so sexy.

Childish Gambino – ‘This is America’

I doubt this needs any sort of introduction, but it was absolutely necessary for me to add to this list. Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) literally took the world by storm, with searingly-raw truth – social and political commentary down to a tee: This Is America basically broke the internet with probably the most groundbreaking video we’ve seen so far in 2018. Or, ever. Maybe. Currently sitting at 287 million views (to round it off) this video has made an incredible statement which was etched into the consciousness of literally millions of people within just a few days.

Hope you enjoyed this list, let us know your personal favourites in the comments below!

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