Warp Reissues 2 Classic Bibio LPs

Wolverhampton-born producer and musician Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio will reissue two of his albums, 2005’s Fi (originally released via US label Mush) and 2009’s Ambivalence Avenue (his first release for veteran UK label Warp Records) next month.

“Fi is a special album for me because it still reminds me of those happy days of discovery, where I had very little in the way of equipment or music production knowledge, but somehow managed to find a sound I could call my own,” says Wilkinson. “Ambivalence Avenue marks a milestone in my life and career. In some ways I think of it as another debut album, because it was a debut of a new sound and era and of course marked the start of my life on Warp.”

The reissues are out via Warp on November 27th on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Listen to the title track of Ambivalence Avenue:

Listen to Bibio’s British Music Mix Vol.1:

For more information about Bibio visit the Warp website

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