Vimeo Roundup Part II: 10 Beautiful Animated Shorts With Bewitching Aesthetic

The medium of animation is a truly incredible art form, not only in visual aesthetic but in narrative expression, sound design and score. Vimeo is a fantastic platform for filmmakers to congregate to have their work seen, and with that being said we thought we’d continue our short film Vimeo Roundup with 10 more short films that are innovative, thought-provoking, artistic and provide an incredible use of sound design and music.

Below are 10 short films that really stood out to us, that we just had to share:


Short Film by Sofie Lee


Short Film by Britt Raes


Short Film by Daniel Šuljić

Nocturne (Nachtstück)

Short Film by Anne Breymann

Forest Dreams

Short Film by Yaroslav Primachenko and Victoria Samoilova 

The First Thunder

Short Film by Anastasia Melikhova

Best Friend

Short Film by Nicholas Olivieri, Shen Yi, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair & David Feliu

An Ordinary Blue Monday | ‘n Gewone Blou Maandagoggend

Short Film by Naomi van Niekerk


Short Film by Eric Giessmann

Sweetie O’s

Short Film by Tobias Rud

What did you think of our list?

We are always looking for fantastic artistic content to feature, let us know some of your favourite short films!

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