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Max Cooper – Unspoken Words

Max Cooper approaches music like mathematics. His background and PhD in science is likely part of this unique approach, with Cooper’s interests lying in the science of sequencing sound. The result of this obsessive investiture into the possibilities of sound design has resulted in Cooper becoming renowned for crafting a

Image: Kranky That ‘Loscil’, the moniker of Canadian sound artist Scott Morgan, is taken from an abbreviation for “looping oscillator” is an act of nomenclature that deftly echoes Morgan’s creative practice; deconstructing the familiar and sculpting from the pieces something completely new. This modus operandi, executed with a distinct sense

The medium of animation is a truly incredible art form, not only in visual aesthetic but in narrative expression, sound design and score. Vimeo is a fantastic platform for filmmakers to congregate to have their work seen, and with that being said we thought we’d continue our short film Vimeo Roundup

By Jenna Dreisenstock The auditory experience of the visual media we consume is automatically thought of as – scores, music that accompanies the narrative. It’s quite obvious, and celebrated too. However, amongst the score embraces in companionship sound design – this refers to the ways in which sound designers create

Avant Garde sound design in a cinematic movement It takes an audible patron of philosophy to formulate the eccentricities and dimensions of piercing sound. Fortunately for George Stanciulescu, a Romanian producer, composer and sound-designer known under the moniker of LeVant, he has taken the craft into a new direction. Creating

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