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Music Video Highlight: The Powerful Representation In DESIRE’s ‘BOY’ Lyric Video

DESIRE | BOY | Italians Do It Better Release Date: 19 January, 2021 While ‘BOY’ by Canadian band DESIRE had it’s official music video release back in October with the release of Italians Do It Better compilation album ‘After Dark 3’ – which featured a variety of brilliant artists –

While multiple fantastic music videos have been released in the past week (don’t worry, we’ll get to those soon!): we would like to take the time to highlight one of the best music videos that has dropped not only in the past week, but stands out as an incredible addition

Electro-pop singer Eulene has shared the official music video for her single ‘Heartbreak Hostage’. While it appears to be a love song, Eulene is in fact expressing the heartbreak she felt when her father passed away unexpectedly. She re-captures moments with her father with the help of animation & motion

The medium of animation is a truly incredible art form, not only in visual aesthetic but in narrative expression, sound design and score. Vimeo is a fantastic platform for filmmakers to congregate to have their work seen, and with that being said we thought we’d continue our short film Vimeo Roundup

By Jenna Dreisenstock Vimeo is a platform filled with inspiration for every creative alike – from short films to music videos and trailers, the sheer total of excellent films gracing Vimeo is unlike any other streaming services. With a space for filmmakers, especially independent filmmakers to showcase their work, there

By Jenna Dreisenstock Vimeo; a filmmaker’s best friend, and a genuinely accessible platform for professionals as well as independent works. Perhaps one of the best aspects of Vimeo is the ability to find videos never before seen, and that leads us on a wonderland journey into the world of animated

By Jenna Dreisenstock Not only has September brought us some incredibly dynamic, immersive album releases that have kept us engulfed in glimmering spheres of sound – soundscape embraces in eclectic and compelling auras that live within us; but this month has brought us some aboslutely beautiful music videos to accompany

By Jenna Dreisenstock Back in June, we curated a list of absolutely mesmerising animated music videos that are must-sees for every music lover: focusing on breaking the disconnect between the beautiful, innovative art form that animation VS the misconceptions much of society hold regarding ‘cartoons’ as children’s mindless entertainment. Animation

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Daniel Lopatin started recording under the name Oneohtrix Point Never in the early 2000’s, and since then has had a long career of writing, recording and performing music. The experimental electronic musician has now released eight studio albums and has worked on projects with a diverse

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock The medium of animation has always been, and is still misconstrued as an art form that is solely directed toward children – a tame, inoffensive and juvenile medium which was built as a learning foundation – or even seen as a distraction for youth since the

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