Tycho Sprouts & Blooms Colourful Expression In ‘Weather’

Tycho | Weather | Ninja Tune

Release Date: 12 July 2019

A swooning dreamscape dotted with sweetened electronic melodies, exploring textural playtime in colour and tenderness. Bright and upbeat, yet bubbling with depth and reflection; sculpting a new day, a glow throughout the seasons – introspective and tenderly aware.

Multi Instrumentalist, artist and producer Scott Hasen returns with his latest full length ‘Weather’ under his professional moniker Tycho. Influential in IDM, Ambient, Post-Rock and Electronic scenes, ‘Weather’ shines with the musician’s extensive technical and creative ability, collaborating with musician Hannah Cottrell, also known as Saint Sinner. The album is a dreamy traverse through genres and stands out with a glowing personality – a lively, upbeat experience gleaming with introspective depth. ‘Weather’ marks the fifth studio album by Tycho, released via legendary UK label Ninja Tune.

The opening track of the album ‘Easy’ blooms into a saccharine melody: pixelated candy swirling in an earworm catch. Enveloped by an ambient swell, the track drives forward in polyphony, comforting layers of synth melodies weaving within one another: creating a joyful, vibrant atmosphere tinged with sci-fi oscillation. An accompanying bassline adds a deep, upbeat progression into concise percussion, swooning in electronic sugary charm: the honey of Saint Sinner’s vocals gliding effortlessly in an enthusiastic, fast-paced dance of texture and emotive playfulness.

For How Long’ greets listeners with a soulful percussion, the submerge of bass complementing the rise and fall of a tender, ethereal synth. Whimsical electronics glide gently forward as Saint Sinner’s vocals introduce a delicate sincerity as the track sings immersive in reverie. A daydream sweetness, the flowing vocals and tender yet driving percussion akin to dream-pop greats such as Blonde Redhead and the transcendent vocal techniques of Kazu Makino. With a tranquil feel, the track is delicate in nature and boasts a loving, meaningful aura.

The closing, and title track of the album, ‘Weather’ opens with a post-rock tinge, reverb studded melodies curiously circling the bassline as the track progresses with shimmering timbres, a dreamscape swimming with lush electronics and introspective instrumentals. Guitars glimmering with sunlight and warmth amongst the electronic claps, a slight taste of melancholy simmering beneath the tracks progression. The overwhelming envelop of confident electronic ambience and melody sings within a soundscape filled with the overwhelm of post-rock beauty, a surreal journey in colour and emotion.

Weather’ stays apt to its title: a surreal traverse between reflective cloudy days, joyful sunbeams and the lucid reflection of each day passing – Tycho’s textural experimentation combined with Saint Sinner’s soulful vocals allows for a loving melodic embrace for listeners, radiating a compassionate dance.

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Review by Jenna Dreisenstock