Single Review: Rituals Of Mine Embody A Potent, Riveting Strength In ‘Free Throw’ (Ft. KRIS)

Rituals Of Mine (ft. KRIS) | Free Throw (single) | Carpark Records

Single Release Date: 21 July, 2020

Album: HYPE NOSTALGIA | 25 September, 2020

Sacramento-based vocalist and songwriter Terra Lopez known under her solo moniker Rituals Of Mine, is recognized for her eclectic blend of multifaceted, heartfelt theatrics and passion in the genre-bending music she sculpts so gracefully –  from a place of power, strength and reclamation. 

From blissfully crafted indie-pop pieces to electrifying R&B cuts, Lopez’s experimentation over the years has resulted in multiple transformations both musically and personally. Formerly known for fronting indie-pop project Sister Crayon, Lopez eventually moved forward with Rituals Of Mine: initially a duo, but reclaimed by Lopez as a now fully-fleshed solo endeavour with her first full-length studio album HYPE NOSTALGIA set to be released via Carpark Records on September 25th, 2020.

Her latest single ‘Free Throw’ (Feat. KRIS) is the second to be released following ‘Come Around Me’ and showcases the artist’s deeply personal and fiery approach to crafting her distinct and enthralling vision when it comes to her music, an outlet the artist embraces with a bold and spellbinding intensity.

The heavy oscillation and slow incline of a low, yet powerful pulse opens ‘Free Throw‘ – the potency of which can be felt to one’s core, reverberating within the rib cage: grasping one’s heartbeat in its innate ferocity. Lopez’s rich, driven vocals flow seemingly effortlessly as flickering percussion dotted with elements of glitch illuminate the soundscape in its self-assured, powerful progression.

The minimalism of the track showcases Lopez’s ability to craft a distinctly compelling sound; there is no need for a convoluted composition in order to capture the listener’s attention, the robust beat and fluid vocals of both Lopez and in the final verse, KRIS, portray a feeling of heated momentum, the intensity of the soundscape blazing with the clarity of the track’s message and intention.

Accompanied by a video luminous in nature and mesmerising in its ability to capture the impassioned motivation of ‘Free Throw’; with the intangibility of emotionally moving forward with one’s life visualised in a more literal representation – perhaps a necessary vision as one takes the first steps toward their personal evolution – the track itself contains a shimmering aura of strength that is captivating in its own right, and works boldly in tandem with its visual companion.

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Feature Image: Terra Lopez / Rituals Of Mine by Jeffrey LaTour