TP MIX # 102- Teen Daze

Studying philosophy in a remote village in the Swiss Alps is bound to make you somewhat pensive. Jamison, aka Teen Daze, invites us to ponder with him from the chilling backdrop of Fraser Valley, Canada, where he now resides. In a place where the sun rises unwillingly before rapidly sinking behind the jagged mountain tops, it’s unsurprising that he greets us with icy autumnal sounds. His production is rich, emotive and self conscious combining plenty of lush vocal work and live instrumentation with utters of synth pads throughout.

Intentionally bringing forward a combination of ambient soundscape and synth-pop, the Canadian made his mark back in the summer of 2010 with his solemn debut full length, ‘Four More Years’. He followed up his debut with ‘A Silent Planet’, a dedication to the beauty and monolithic qualities of the most recognizable mountain in the Fraser Valley, M. Cheam. Taking what he could from his serene surroundings Teen Daze proceeded in 2012 with what he called his first “real full length” ‘All of us, Together’, going on to say “It fully represents where I’ve come to as an electronic artist.”
With an intelligent slant to his work Jamison looked to create a Utopian ideal, for which ‘All of us, Together’ promoted heavily. Often pushing listeners to consider other worlds or realities the opening track entitled ‘Treten’ introduced an other-worldy pulse that ran through the LP like the cold blood of a reptilian.

With the fittingly chilling release of his most recent ‘Glacier’ LP late last year, the Canadian has an exciting year ahead of him teeing himself up for a huge global tour.
Ahead of his live set at ‘The Playground Presents…’ he has kindly provided us with an exclusive mix entitled ‘Quiet Voices’, which celebrates the melancholic utopian idealism we have come to know him by:

Bibio – Poplar Avenue
Heathered Pearls – Never This Serious
Geotic – Disrobe and Come To Bed
Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist
Emeralds – Goes By
Markus Guentner – Ashes
Brian Eno – Weightless
Jon Baerg – Evening