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Innovative Artists Who Never Fail To Impress Live

By Jenna Dreisenstock There’s nothing quite like seeing your favourite artist live – the energy, lights and crowd: the pure heart of being able to experience the music you love up close and personal and watching those you admire work their magic. There are some artists that go above and

Canadian electronic music Richie Hawtin will DJ at Barghain on Friday the 29th of June. Marking his first set at the established Berlin venue in six long years, joining him will be Panorama Bar resident Roi Prerez. Watch Ritchie Hawtin’s 2016 set in at Outpost in Brooklyn for Mixmag –

Has Techno legend Richie Hawtin been caught lashing out at a female fan?! iPhones have become somewhat of a nuisance for live performances with many debating about their over-use in clubs and artists, like Kate Bush, even banning them. During a performance at Time Warp it seems that Richie Hawtin has decided that enough is enough and takes a

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