Richie Hawtin Sound-Crash!

Has Techno legend Richie Hawtin been caught lashing out at a female fan?!

iPhones have become somewhat of a nuisance for live performances with many debating about their over-use in clubs and artists, like Kate Bush, even banning them. During a performance at Time Warp it seems that Richie Hawtin has decided that enough is enough and takes a more direct, aggressive stance against the iPhone, as seen in this video… ironically recorded on an iPhone (lucky Hawtin didn’t see that!)

At around 45 secs you see Hawtin go from happily grooving away to suddenly slamming a large monitor speaker into an avid, iPhone wielding fan. At first you hope that this was an accident (maybe the monitor was faulty and he got fed up with it?) however Hawtin’s reaction isn’t very sympathetic, in fact it looks like he shrugs the matter off and casually goes back to business. Thankfully the fan wasn’t injured and even her iPhone avoided the notorious screen crack.

Though his actions are inexcusable we do have to wonder, has this thought crossed the minds of other performers? Is this becoming seen as a lack of respect towards performers? Are artists becoming fed up with constantly having gadgets shoved in their faces?

Written by Alex Lewis