Single Review: The Hauntingly Bewitching Phantoms Of Alice Glass’ ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’

Alice Glass | SUFFER AND SWALLOW (single) | Eating Glass Records

Release Date: 6 January, 2020

With a laudable career spanning over a decade; the ghostly midnight cloak of Alice Glass’ enigmatic presence has captivated her audience from day one. The songstress has made an unmistakable name for herself in the electronic music scene.

As the former front-woman and co-founder of duo Crystal Castles, the dazzling musician rightly left the project in order to move forward with her solo work and most importantly due to the abhorrent, toxic circumstances she found herself in at the time – to take care of herself, and progress into carving her own creations in the music realm with the bold, brilliant power and skill she holds within.

Known for her dark, haunting imagery and shadowy mix of punk and gothic aesthetic – the artist embraces an incredibly unique take in her works as she blends together genres in a sound so distinct it is practically impossible to avoid being enveloped in the captivating world of Alice Glass.

Debuting her first, self-titled solo EP in 2017, Alice Glass is set to release her debut full length album this year. Judging by her brand new track ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’, which accompanied by a beautifully eerie stop-motion animated music video – we cannot wait to see what the artist has up her sleeve for 2021.

Opening with a single, ghostly melody as and introduction to lush, engulfing darkness of ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’ – the outstandingly artistic music video accompanies the echoic, mystifying notes as it begins with ‘Once upon a time’… As the narrative builds its foundation, the track segues into focused, layered electronics; a self-assured beat pulses steadily as a controlled frenzy of glitching timbres make themselves known.

Most notably, cradled within the eerie aura of the dark electronics is Alice Glass’ honeyed vocals, a rich – maybe poisoned – syrup, the sweet delicacy of her voice almost ready to kill.

I’ll cut your tongue out of your mouth

and wear your fingers

everyone said i wont

everyone, everyone

I’ll use your teeth for my crown

but i don’t need it (need it)

feel your face when it rips

I’ve seen it, i’ve seen it…

Ripe with raw emotion, the anger, pain and horror Glass expresses through her lyrics compliment the gritty industrial feel of the track, brimming with a dominant, commanding drive; the exceptional animation of the accompanying video allows for Glass’ expression to shine through; a cracked and torn midnight sun, allowing only for a monochrome lens.

Glass’ fierce signature screams at times contrast her candied, clear vocals and whispers as the track incorporates a variety of influences; whether it be the gothic aura of vigorous punk, or the sharp yet energetic feel of obscure, dark synth-pop and even dance – doused in pitch black euphoria.

keep you awake til the kill 

you’re never coming back

feel your soul going limp  

every second, every second of it

not with a scream or a sigh 

cut slits above your eyes

make yourself so weak

too bad that you can’t speak 

Overall, Alice Glass’ ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’ is most certainly welcomed and shows a fantastic evolution in the artist’s sound as some of her best work yet – we eagerly await her debut solo album if this single is anything to go by.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Alice Glass by Jupiter Keyes

Review by Jenna Dreisenstock