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Single Review: Lotic Embraces Unapologetic Femme Power In ‘Cocky’

Lotic | Cocky (single) | Houndstooth Release Date: 25 August, 2020 From her very debut back in 2018 with her album ‘Power’ – Texas-born, Berlin-based producer and musician Lotic struck the electronic music realm with a bold, unapologetic and enthralling charisma: with the artist using her remarkable skill to grasp

Lotic | Burn A Print (single) | Houndstooth Release Date: 20 May, 2020 “May every step you take burn a print” When Texas-born, Berlin-based producer and musician Lotic released her full-length debut ‘Power’ in 2018, not only were we struck by the sheer charisma and skill demonstrated by the artist

Guy Andrews is a London-based musician known for creating dark, atmospheric music by combining an array of influences from post-rock, techno and electronica to create expansive cinematic masterpieces. His new album was inspired by his visit to Scandinavia last year.  A cancelled return flight from Norway due to fog left Guy

Berlin-based techno producer and DJ Joe Seaton aka Call Super will be releasing his sophomore album Arpo via Houndstooth on November 10th.  Following 2014’s breakthrough Suzi Ecto, the full-length LP will be his second under label’s wing. Arpo showcases finely chiseled arrangements and Seaton’s signature style of a delicate electronic sounds as

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