Single Review: Lotic Embraces Unapologetic Femme Power In ‘Cocky’

Lotic | Cocky (single) | Houndstooth

Release Date: 25 August, 2020

From her very debut back in 2018 with her album ‘Power’ – Texas-born, Berlin-based producer and musician Lotic struck the electronic music realm with a bold, unapologetic and enthralling charisma: with the artist using her remarkable skill to grasp the generally outdated expectations of what electronic music is, and shape it into a sound that is refreshing, dynamic and of course, broodingly powerful.

The title of her debut couldn’t have been more spot on for an artist like Lotic; a songstress who has from the beginning of her career integrated exceptionally vulnerable personal struggles, painful life experiences and the intricately nuanced exploration of one’s identity and its relation to the outside world to truly reclaim her power as an individual – and now, she moves forward by sharing the strength she has reclaimed with others.

In her previous single release in May titled ‘Burn A Print’ the artist shared that with the reclamation of vulnerability comes the ability to leave a legacy:

May every step you take burn your print into this Earth because when you go, you need to remind the future bitches that you was here.

In her latest single release ‘Cocky’ – Lotic demonstrates her message once again with the highly unique and experimental approach to her enthralling work. She dedicates this track to “the girls” as despite the fact that it is the year 2020, womxn and femme bodies experience unjust, systemic oppression and dangerous discrimination simply for existing, Lotic shares:

‘Cocky’ is a song for the girls. It’s a reminder to always recognize and demand your worth. it grants permission to radically stand in your truth, even when it may shock or offend. and most of all, it’s a celebration of growth, prosperity, and confidence.

Cocky’s introduction begins with a focus on the songstress’ compelling vocals; one filled with an attitude so brilliantly witty and bright it’s instantly captivating in style – the confidence present in her vocals and the tender, airy harmonies are an absolute highlight of the track as Lotic unapologetically delivers her lyrics.

The strong, self-assured kick that enters allows for a smooth segue into the hypnotic use of compelling electronics and percussive textures, the experimental use of tempo and timing with each timbre intricately constructed as threads weaving together an intriguing, controlled chaos.

A brooding tone slumbers throughout the track yet is peppered with Lotic’s  proudly defiant lyrics, the structure of the track fascinating in its own right as it comes to a close: an overwhelming soundscape blossoming with layers of texture and emotion – the artist’s changes in tone demonstrating her outstanding vocal range the perfect closer.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Lotic by Philip Primus