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Bandcamp New Releases: 10 Vital & Unearthly Glitch Albums

Glitch is an expansive term; whether it be dreamy and exploratory, fast-paced and eclectic – or consistent and composed, the genre is open to many possibilities and interpretations. Born from digital malfunctions and audio anomalies, glitch has grown exponentially as a cohesive, yet experimental sub-genre. With focus primarily placed on

Interview by Arnold van der Walt There’s been an influx recently in trap producers making the switch over to wave music. The two genres definitely share a host of similarities, so it’s easy to see why this transition is able to take place so effortlessly. 21-year-old Swedish producer Ola Lindell,

“No one was mixing bass music with Synthwave, so I knew that was a niche I could start.” Interview by Arnold van der Walt One of the most exciting things about electronic music is how producers are able to perfectly blend different genres together to create a sound that sounds

“My interpretation of Berlin? Raw, dirty, strong, hard but also very beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and lovely” Interview by Arnold van der Walt Brazilian techno producer and DJ, Victor Ruiz, recently released his second release via Noir Music in the form of Berlin Beauty. By far Brazil’s biggest techno export, Victor

By Jenna Dreisenstock 2018 has been quite a year, with many exceptional releases stunning fans with brand news innovations and experimentations in sound, style and personality. From experimental avant-pop, to dreamy R&B inspired synth-love; the music world has sculpted an incredibly diverse experience for all. We’ve compiled a list of

Interview by Maya-Rose Torrao “Creating music is an ecstatic and deeply emotional moment.” Warsaw’s analog techno maverick Jurek Przeździecki AKA Epi Centrum is one of the more powerful and uncompromising voices in former Eastern Bloc electronic music scene. Przeździecki has been producing music for over two decades and, over the

Interview by Maya-Rose Torrao Mysterious producer FiASKO is a whirlwind of neon colours, anime faces and deep bassy drops. The rising star producer already has garnered an impressive following online and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. FiASKO has already had his tracks, which incorporate a flawless blend

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão A couple days ago, seminal French music label Ed Banger Records announced via an Instagram post that the super-collaboration, Handbraekes, made up Boys Noize (Alex Ridha) and Mr. Oizo (Quentin Dupieux) will be returning with a brand new release. Ed Banger Records shared a picture of

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão The Glitch Mob’s bass-heavy rock ‘n roll-style electronic glitch music has always pushed the boundaries. Consisting of producers Boreta, Ooah and edIT, the trio have always been bringing innovation to the electronic music world and now, have just shared a seven-minute documentary showing the behind the

Aphex Twin | Collapse | Warp Records Release date: 14 September 2018 Review by Jenna Dreisenstock The artificial in raw human expression, to break forth as a pioneer and produce the analog of immersive sound and innovative willingness to embrace the eclectic; progression and glitch in affectionate experimentation. To introduce

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