alt-j Shares New Video for ‘In Cold Blood (ft. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow Version)’

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

British indie superstars alt-j are back, this time with something a little different. The band announced last month that they will be releasing a new remixed version of their album ‘Relaxer’ featuring a number of rap and hip-hop artists, to be released on 28 September this year. The band has just shared the video for one of the singles from the album, ‘In Cold Blood (ft. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow Version)’, a track that features award-winner rap artist Pusha T and multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor and producer Twin Shadow.

alt-j has had an extremely exciting past six years, with their debut album, ‘An Awesome Wave’, released in 2012, winning the the 2012 British Mercury Prize, their second album going straight to UK number one in 2014 and a third album released in 2017, with the remixed version, ‘Reduxer’ scheduled to come out this year. The group continue to work hard on their writing and performing, with the band having also just announced that they will be embarking on a long tour to the UK and Ireland in October.

The new music video features a computer generated Pusha T trying to move through some kind of glitchy animated future world, filled with computer fragments and neon pillars of light. Director Osean gave some insight into creating the mood of the piece, explaining that, “Pusha and alt-J have two completely different styles and coloring them together makes for an interesting sound,” and “Instead of representing the two more so as a person to person, I decided to represent them as more person to experience, or person to land. The way Pusha is acting in the video is the same way I feel he acted in the song. He flows through the song as his experience in someone else’s world trying to find his place. And so in the video during the alt-J part, I wanted Pusha to basically experience alt-J the experience.

Take a walk around alt-j’s universe of ‘zero zero one one’s with Pusha T in the brand new video for ‘In Cold Blood (ft. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow Version)’ below.

Preorder their upcoming album via alt-j‘s website here.

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