Alex Ridha of Boys Noize Releases Track Under New Alias ELAX

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Diynamic Music returns after a 9 month hiatus with the 12th edition of its famed ‘Four To The Floor’ EPs. The label’s series is always comprised of four dancefloor-oriented tracks that have been carefully selected by Diynamic Music’s founder and techno aficionado, Solomun. This edition features an exciting new track from the one and only Alex Ridha, who made waves with his music project Boys Noize and has now begun releasing under the moniker ELAX.

The Berlin DJ, producer and label owner started DJing seriously from his teens, taking his love for house and techno to great heights. Rolling Stone called him one of the Top 10 DJ’s Who Rule The World, Beatport named him Best Electronic Act for three years running and he’s headlined massive festivals on every one of the world’s continents, including Berlin’s Berghain, Japan’s Fuji Rock and Lollapalooza in the States.

‘Reaktor’ is the first track to come from ELAX, Alex Ridha’s newest project. The track has elements of the producer’s signature Boys Noize sound but with a twist of vibrant upbeat techno; Boys Noize continuously blurred the line between genres in the electronic music world and his new project ELAX does the same. ‘Reaktor’ is a strong debut track for Ridha’s ELAX project, described as “the best possible soundtrack for the worst possible nuclear meltdown,” complete with ominous synth lines and hard-hitting drumbeats.

Listen to ELAX’s single ‘Reaktor’ below.


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