Aphex Twin Announces Album, Shares New Single and Video After Weeks of Teasing

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Aphex Twin has just shared the first track from his upcoming EP ‘Collapse’, titled ‘T69 Collapse’, along with a video, which was scheduled to premiere on Adult Swim but had to be taken down as the visuals were unsuitable for viewers with epilepsy. Besides that slight hitch, fans are glad that Richard D. James, the producer behind Aphex twin, is back with the glitchy electro groove of ‘T69 Collapse’. The release follows on from weeks of speculation from fans, after a 3D version of the Aphex Twin logo appeared on the walls of London’s Elephant & Castle tube station, as well as in other locations across the world including New York and Los Angeles.

After these images were spotted, Aphex Twin’s Label, Warp, shared a strange distorted press release via their twitter which was deciphered by a patient fan to read as a load of ridiculous ramblings about “simulated latte-mummies,” rating the upcoming EP as, “a fun water gathering. Apex spread the twin tails and succeeded in his early car … Frolic rating 23!

As for the newly released video, it is a journey of brain-busting colours and glitch-fields, flashing in time to Aphex Twin’s stuttering electro-beats. The person responsible is one who goes by Weirdcore, an artist whose experimental design and animation work attempts to push the boundaries of consciousness and visual interpretation. Weirdcore is no stranger to the music scene and has worked with a long list of acclaimed musicians, including M.I.A, Nabil, Hype Williams, Charlie XCX and Skrillex.

The wait has been worth it, as Aphex Twin manages yet again to create experimental cross-over electronic music that both confuses and delights. Listen to Aphex Twin’s latest single ‘T69 Collapse’ below and get lost in a mind-bending world of melting glitch and colour in the producer’s new music video.

Collapse’ EP Tracklist:

‘T69 Collapse’
‘1st 44’
‘MT1 t29r2’
‘abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]’

‘Collapse’ will be released via Warp Records on September 14th, 2018.


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