Shigeto releases new single + video ‘Detroit Part II’ off his upcoming album ‘The New Monday’

Beat maker Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, lets us roam the inner workings of his life in his new single and video Detroit Part II’ by narrating in layers of space, sound and identity – giving us a feel into the next process of work he is releasing this year.

When Shigeto returned home to Michigan from a stint in Brooklyn, NY, the multi-faceted musician has become a part of the fabric of Detroit’s music scene. While always having a personal approach to his projects, the influences for his third album, ‘The New Monday’, are more about the community of Detroit than anything else. Named after a weekly DJ event called Monday is the New Monday that Saginaw does at the unassuming Motor City Wine with a group of friends, ‘The New Monday’ is the result of Saginaw diving into the city’s deep record culture, where the legacy of artists of the past help Saginaw embrace his own contributions.

Following up from his last album release in 2013 with ‘No Better Time Than Now’ with one of the best loved track “Detroit Part I”, it’s fitting that he kicks off this next chapter with searing album opener “Detroit Part II”.

The visuals for the music video chronicle Shigeto’s own return to Detroit and the community he’s become a staple in. The accompanying visuals follow Shigeto and his close friends as they explore the city, including saxophonist Marcus Elliot, before culminating at MotorCity Wine, during “Monday is the New Monday” — the weekly event where Shigeto has taken residency.

Filmed in black and white and with infrared filters, the textured images are reminiscent of techno videos of the early 90’s, famously having an influence on Detroit’s techno scene. To the city and the people Shigeto has surrounded himself with since coming back to Detroit, “Detroit Part II” is an ode to the creative influences that have cultivated such a strong and collaborative community for Shigeto.

While ‘The New Monday’ still features the jazz textures long associated with Shigeto projects, the varied elements that make up the album cohesively come together to show the distinct inspiration that Saginaw has drew from since his return home to Detroit. As much as it’s hip-hop influenced, it’s a mutant that encompasses elements of dance music, jazz, and ambient sounds.

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