Review: Tryphème’s Dreamlike Introspective Electronica In ‘Aluminia’ EP

Tryphème | Aluminia (EP) | Central Processing Unit (CPU Records)

Release Date: 31 January, 2020

When French producer Tiphaine Belin – known under her pseudonym Tryphème – released her debut LP ‘Online Dating’ in 2017; she brought a much needed breath of fresh air to the umbrella term that is ‘electronica’ – especially in the modern day – and broke out as a critically acclaimed artist from the very beginning. Her eclectic take on sculpting dancefloor-ready tracks found their spellbinding roots with her use of vocals as a prominent instrument in her creations; woven threads of processed vocal samples or curious spoken-word fashioning a unique atmosphere for a club setting, and brimming with personality.

With the release of ‘Aluminia’, Belin takes her signature ability to fashion her vocals into atmospheric soundscapes and applies it to all aspects of her electronic prowess; with the EP standing in vivid contrast to the rave cuts of ‘Online Dating’ – ‘Aluminia’ cradles shimmering hues of melancholia, personal and introspective – a touching, thoughtful immersion as she experiments with the intricacies of texture as a method of auditory storytelling, returning to CPU Records with this release.

The tender, idyllic ambience that opens ‘FEY‘ drifts seamlessly across a celestial soundscape; fluffy clouds flourishing with hints of rain – tranquil synths sprouting into the whirl of a cool gust, segueing into a lyrical serenity. Harmonious layers of electronic textures swell into a rich, pastoral atmosphere; resonant beats swaying together as a delicate, halcyon storm. Peaceful, introspective moments of calm simmer thoughtfully, beams of sunlight piercing the clouds as Belin’s velvety vocals sweep effortlessly in the mesmerising auditory wave.

The intricately woven progression of ‘EEDYU‘ is hypnotic from the start as it gradually begins to bloom; the rhythmic static of the opening beat fashions a reflective, uplifting aura in a dance among the track’s inherently melancholic hues. Tranquil synth swells cradle a meditative aura, seamlessly flowering into a spellbinding soundscape – a soft, slow interlude of blossoming pastel timbres sprout into a bright, confident and engaging energy, glittering with Belin’s hypnotic vocal samples as the track reaches its crescendo.

IN A CYBER SPIRAL‘ showcases a bewitching psychedelia; a swift, frantic staccato introduces a steady, self-assured beat – a clockwork high-pitched click contrasting the low, pulsing heartbeat. Belin’s echoic vocals sing dreamlike as they wade through a seascape of delay, waves lapping a quiet shore in anticipation. The gentle, ambient minimalism makes way for an elaborate glitter; stuttering cyber-synths and angelic vocals oscillate vividly, radiant in experimentation – diving into a digital, kaleidoscopic realm bold with rhythmic percussion and bold, beguiling electronics.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Tryphème by Irwin Barbe

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