Premiere: The Ghibertins shoot latest video at Michelangelo’s Marble quarry

Michelangelo‘s marble quarry, the Lorano Marble Cave is the stunning background to The Ghibertins‘ new single I’m War set for release on 13th October.

Filmed on location at one of the most the breathtaking, inspiring locations, the Lorano Marble Cave in CarraraItaly and directed by Json Adriani, the official music video for ‘I’m War’ is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of emotion following the band on an ‘impromptu-live-setting’ arrangement, jamming among sedimentary slivers of a forgotten past. Rich vocals, seductive guitar solos and riffs sit atop precise drumming and warm bass tones right from inside the belly of the mountain.

On shooting the video in the 1,589-metre-high quarries, the band commented: “The air the band breathed was pure electricity. Shooting in Carrara’s marble cave has been one of the most exciting and thoughtful experiences we’ve ever had. In a way, you feel like you’re at the top of the world but at the same time you can’t help but feel so small and powerless in front of such a scenario. Considering the lyrics of “I’m War” we wanted to feel all these mixed and conflicting emotions in order to give our best performance on the record and on screen. What we really like about the live track is the natural cave’s reverb that is able to give an extra “boost” to the angriest song of the forthcoming album.”

‘I’m War (Live in the Cave)’ is the new single from Milan-based trio The Ghibertins to be lifted from their upcoming album, The Less I Know The Better set for release on November 17th via Mob Sound Records.

Buy ‘I’m War (Live in the Cave)’  here.

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