Paranoid London Announce New EP in Honour of Late LGBTQ Activist and DJ

In September last year, San Francisco lost a beloved member of their community: well-known and adored DJ and LGBTQ activist Bubbles Bubblesynski was brutally shot down on the very street that Bubbles could often be seen performing impromptu DJ sets on. Bubbles was an indispensable part of the underground dance and DJ scene in San Francisco and will be sorely missed; Bubbles’ friend and lawyer, Jim Reilly said that, “The city loses a loving, special character, the type of person that makes San Francisco the great, unique place that it is.” Now, this year, popular acid house duo Paranoid London will be releasing a three-track EP to celebrate Bubbles’ life and contribution to underground electronic music.

Paranoid London came across Bubbles and their music last year at colourful Californian EDM festival Sunset Campout. The three immediately hit it off after the members of Paranoid London gave Bubbles a pair of socks to help pad out their bra. The trio made a plan to get a collaboration started but sadly, Bubbles was shot the very week that Paranoid London were meant to send through the rough tracks.

The pair decided that they still had to make the tracks in honour of Bubbles, who had been super excited for the project, and so Paranoid London cut up some audio from Bubbles’ Facebook account and intertwined it with their own signature acid house sound. The result is their EP ‘The Boombox Affair’, which is currently available via Paranoid London records and will be released on 12” on August 7th. All profits from the record will be going to charities that were close to Bubbles’ heart, namely St. James Infirmary and Lyon Martin. The album artwork, done by Christophe at Luxury Creative Thinking will also be auctioned off for the charities on the day of the 12” release.Bubbles was all about music and dance culture, and this tribute from house legends Paranoid London is without a doubt a wonderful way to remember a person who cite’s their religious and political views as “dancefloorism” and “one nation under groove”, respectively.

Preorder Paranoid London’s ‘The Boombox Affair’ here and follow the duo on Facebook and Soundcloud

01 The Boombox Affair
02 Beats & Bubbles
03 Acidapella


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