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PLAYY. Podcast #209 – HE.SHE.THEY

  HE.SHE.THEY is so much more than a brand – it’s a movement. In just a few years, the London queer nightlife collective has evolved from a fashion brand, agency, and record label into a series of global nightlife happenings. Their mission? To reclaim the dancefloor and give it back

This Pride Month, we’re feeling especially proud. That’s why we’re speaking with rising LGBTQIA+ artists all month about their music, influences, and what ‘pride’ means to them. Today, it’s Kayowa.  Emerging alt-rapper Kayowa is the sort of outspoken artist who has a really good grip on who they are. Already

This Pride month, we’re feeling particularly proud. So we reached out to LGBTQIA+ icons and allies alike and asked them to compile a playlist of their all-time ultimate Pride anthems. Today, we have a collection of club ready bangers curated by bedroom pop icon and Still Woozy member, Legwurk. When

On the 30th of January 2021, Scottish born producer and acclaimed pop visionary Sophie Xeon began to make her way up to her rooftop in Athens to gaze at the moon. “True to her spirituality,” the statement from her label Transgressive would read later that day while confirming that the

Billed as “the UK’s first queer camping music festival,” Flesh festival is set to take place on May 28th just outside of London. The festival, which is geared toward members of the LGBTQIA+ community, will take place in “a secluded woodland with streams and ponds” in St. Albans.  The first

2021 has been a year for dance and electronica quite like no other. Coming out the other end of a pandemic where isolation became the new normal and online party Club Quarantine became the new Berghain, the future of a form inherently rooted in human connection and our instinct to

Image: Sinderlyn Records New York’s Tama Gucci has been slowly shifting the expectations of both R&B and electronic music with his incomparable style. Fusing the tropes of the two genres by way of heartfelt, tender songwriting and razor sharp avant electronic beats, the singer-songwriter and producer has arrived at a

Image: Hyperdub Mapping the rise and subsequent evolution of London DJ and producer AYA is to map the journey of an artist blossoming into their identity. What began as the subversive and  performative DJ act LOFT on the UK’s queer underground has shapeshifted into this harbinger of the future; an

Image: Never Normal Records From groundbreaking new work from some of electronic music’s most subversive new voices to a comeback from pioneers of the form that draws from their past, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order, here’s what we’ve had on repeat.

Image by Travys Owen Angel-Ho has always had something to say, and knows damn well how to say it. She has always understood that in order to be heard as a body perceived by way of its brownness, queerness, transness; you must be loud. It’s something that the South African

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