Single Review: The Nostalgic & Heartfelt Longing Of Blue Hawaii’s ‘I Felt Love’

Blue Hawaii | I Felt Love (single) | Arbutus Records

Single Release: 12 August, 2020

UNDER 1 HOUSEMixtape / EP Release Date: September 25th, 2020

Finding themselves trapped on different sides of the Atlantic, electronic duo Blue Hawaii found themselves tackling their upcoming EP ‘Under 1 House’ in a way that couldn’t have possibly been expected.

Made up of songstress Raphaelle Ra Standell-Preston and Alex Agor Kerby, the (generally) Montreal-based duo wrote their forthcoming EP during their North American and European 2019 tour, yet found themselves recording it in a wooden cabin in rural Québec.

However, due to completely unforeseen travel restrictions in the midst of one of the most tumultuous periods in history – a deadly pandemic; the two found themselves separated between Montreal and Berlin, unable to come together again due to the pandemic.

So instead, Standell-Preston and Kerby finished the record long-distance; and for a mixtape focused on the spirit of togetherness, is sadly ironic. Yet out of difficult circumstances come new innovations, and with the release of their first single ‘I Felt Love’ – the artists have already showcased their signature dreamy sound blending together 70’s disco style and 80’s pop influence with progressive flair.

I Felt Love” describes the difficulty of trying to communicate over the phone with a lover, in an airport drowned out by the loud background noise. It has a special context in the post-corona world, where we have had the opportunity to tune out distractions, dig deeper, and discover what is important to us.

Blue Hawaii on ‘I Felt Love’

‘I Felt Love’ embodies nostalgia for decades past, bringing to mind sunkissed vacations and the blaring of that very first walkman experience; the joyful days of youth and innocent love. The track shimmers with self reflection and yearning, as songstress Raphaelle sings of her longing when distanced from a lover.

An emotionally charged, yet upbeat and with an of lightheartedness; the track is driven by a steady beat rich with synchronic percussion and bellowed bass tones – pulsing throughout as a companion to Raphaelle’s passionately lush and heartfelt vocals.

‘I Felt Love’ may be about distance between lovers especially within the lyrics, yet with the playful, retro style imagery of the video and the overall high-spirited mood and danceable tempo allows the track to encompass the artistic vision as a whole.

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Rating: 6.5 / 10

Feature Image: Blue Hawaii by Richmond Lam