Objekt Releases New EP, Objekt #4

TJ Hertz, who formerly spent his workdays developing signal-processing algorithms for music technology company Native Instruments, has announced the fourth release in his self-titled white label series. The UK-raised, Berlin-based techno artist began the series in 2011 with Objekt #1.

According to a press release, Objekt #4 is dedicated to a club in Berlin’s Schöneberg District, Basement Q. The club was allegedly instrumental in forming his musical identity before it closed down in 2012. Although historical evidence of the club is thin on the ground, it is clear that Objekt was deeply enamoured with the venue, telling Fact Magazine that “it was disorientating and beautiful and in the midst of such an experience your eyes would offer your brain no valid explanation for the wonderful confusion of sound that your ears were reporting… Meanwhile this old, fabulous, rave-weathered crowd of 40 to 60 people would be gradually losing their shit, feet glued to the floor but bodies flailing as if caught in a hurricane. It was something else.”

The new EP is comprised of two tracks, “Needle and Thread” and “Theme from Q”, and is due on March 27.

Check out a short Q&A-style documentary about this fascinating artist below:

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